31 Dezember 2006

Happy New Year

Hat 2
I wish you all a Happy, healthy,
peaceful and good
New Year 2007
Happy New Year 2007

28 Dezember 2006


Our Christmas was very nice. At Christmas Eve my mother and my brother with his family came here. First we ate something and sit together and talked a little bit. Than the gifts we changed the gifts. I got some wonderful ones.

At the 25t
h we went to my brother for lunch. After that we went to Fiona. There I rid for the first time since many years. It was very funny and nice. And it was cold at this day, so the coffee was very good when we came home.

And at the 26th my family came here again. I made a simply meal, only pasta with vegetables, but it was yummy. Than we made a little walk with my mother and my nephew.
My mother told me at this day, that she maybe (for me it sounds more like she want for sure) will move to my other brother Thomas. He lives about 100 km from here. I'm sure, that isn't that far, but we all have no contact to Thomas. We doesn't talk to each other and so on. It is a longer story why this is so. And now my mother will move there, I cannot understand this. Sure, she has contact to him and his wife, but why she must go there? We also looking often after her. And she isn't that old that she cannot live alone longer, she will be 71 in March. And for say, Knut lives at the same apartment house than she do. I hope that she won't go there, but I believe she will do it. The last night I slept very bad, I always think about the whole thing. I believe she is old enough to do what she want. Sorry for the long story here.

Than I'm a UHU since yesterday. You will ask now, what the hell is a UHU? For me that means, that I'm weight under hundred kilo. So I lost about 18 kilos over the last 8 months. You cannot believe how happy I am.
Here comes a picture of our Christmas tree. The first picture shows you our cats had been looking when we bring the tree into the living room. And than a picture from the Christmas eve.

24 Dezember 2006

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas

Have some nice holidays with much of fun and lovely people

And that you all getting much gifts

Will be back after the holidays

15 Dezember 2006


As I promised time ago, here are photos from Fiona, my brothers family horse. She is a 7 year old Schwarzwälder Mix (Darkforrest Mix). She is a smart horse, sometimes with a very big heat, but lovely. I look many times after her.

New socks

Again a pair of socks for my husband. I made them with Opal Smoke in brown. It's a very nice yarn and the color is great. The pattern is from Sensational knitted socks. Here they are:

04 Dezember 2006

Christmas time

The weekend we have spent to made all things ready for the holidays. So we made our Advent wreath, put the lights one and decorate the rooms. At Friday we went to a Christmas market in Alzenau, its a smaller town in our near. The Christmas market was very nice and not too much people there at this evening. You shouldn't go there at Sunday, it is too much.
At Saturday we made our Advent wreath and also the one for my mother. Than we went to the garden and put some lights on the trees and some lighting figures at the ground.
And yesterday we made the lights into the windows and decorate the rooms. Was a lot of work, but I love this time of the year.
Only the weather could be more like winter, it is really warm here and we have only rain today. Later I must go and bring my brothers horse into the staples. If it is stop raining at this time, I will make some photos of her.
Here are now some photos of the things we done at the weekend. First our Advent wreath.

Than the one for my motherThis we made for us. We also made some like that for the graves we have to look for.
This I decorate the last week. And also this with the lights on it.
And at last the Advent calender for my husband.

28 November 2006

Lorna's Lace Socks

This are the socks from the Lorna's Lace yarn my Hot Sock partner Nan sent to me. It was very great to knit and I love the colour. I have still some rest of the yarn and I will see what I have to knit of it.

And like this our couch looked at Sunday evening. Not that the cats have more than enough places that they call her own, they must lay at our couch. So we had no place.
The cats are, from left, Micky, Principessa, Mikesch and Oskar. Only Topolino wasn't there.

25 November 2006


And a again a sleeping photo from one of our cats. This is Principessa. She get this name, because she is our little princess. We grown her up with the hand. We got her when she was only a few days old. My brother found her and two siblings, in the stables where their horse stand at this time. The mother was hidden by a car. So we tried our best to get all three grown, but unluckily we must put two of them to sleep. They had an bad illness at the brain and so it was the best for them. Principessa is now three years old.

Socks again

And again I get some socks this week ready. One is a order from a friend of mine, still have two pairs to work on. And the other on is for my sister-in-law. She need thick socks for her riding shoes. They have a wonderful horse, called Fiona. I sometimes bring her to the willow. I will do some photos soon.
Here are the photos from the socks. The first one are the one for my friend.

Than I bought today a new game for the Nintendo DS. It is this here. I like much to play it. I had it years ago for the Nintendo 64 and played it for many hours.

14 November 2006


This is my cat Micky, he is now 10 years old and the chief of the group. He stays many hours outside, but like to come in and sleep.

13 November 2006

When the postman rings today....

he brings in a package from my secret pal.

I open it very fast :-)
And found this wonderful things. The yarn is so softly and the colour is great.

Here you see it much better.
And the shower gel and body lotion smelling wonderfulAnd the card with the cat is funny.
Thank you sooooo much my secret pal. You made my day.

11 November 2006

Moved in

today is this game.

I had looked a longer time for it, and ever said, no no no. Today was the day my hubby said, yes, we will buy one. So we went to the store this afternoon and get one. The game I get with it was this.

So I played now for the whole evening. No time for knitting. ;-) And that who I want to knit on the wonderful Lornas Lace yarn. I promise I will do this tomorrow. My mother will come here for lunch tomorrow and I will make Lasagne, as she wish this.

08 November 2006


Here are some socks that I made at the last days. The first one is for my hubby, in size 44, made of Opal wool.

The next one is for a swap, made with Zitron wool in size 38.

pink who knew

Also a very good song, so turn the speakers on.

Much time...

went on since my last post. There was so much happen here at the last week, not funny. Inherit isn't a nice thing. There are so many things to do. Is had been much better if my f-i-l had made a testament, but no, my s-i-l said this wouldn't be good, as he had nothing to do with all the stuff. The house was my m-i-l and when she died, all ground and houses went to the childs, means my husband and my s-i-l. Hope this wasn't not too confused. But my f-i-l also get a part of the house and grounds, and no it get complication. I hope that this all will be over soon, as I won't have any fight in the family. This is my fear.
The funeral was, if we can say this, very nice. The pastor hold a very nice homily. After the funeral we went to the community centre and ate cake and drunk caffee.
Last week, Frank had three days off from work. So we had been away for nearly every day. At Wednesday we made our garden ready for winter. There was a lot of work, but now the winter can come. It is colder here now.
Than we used the time to bought a new desktop for our computer. He will come at the end of the year. What isn't that far away. :-)
And I bought the train tickets for our winter vacation in January. We will go to the Allgäu at January, 6. This is also Franks birthday, don't know what I give him.
So now I believe all is up to date.
I will now post photos of my cats from time to time. Here is the first one, this is Topolino a very sweet and small cat.

25 Oktober 2006

Hot sock swap arrived

Today the postman brought me the Hot Sock Swap from Nan. Thank you sooooooo much for all the wonderful things you sent to me. Here is what she send me.
Wonderful Lornas Lace yarn. It is my first yarn of this brand and I must say, it is greatful. Now I can understand all who like this yarn much. The colour is great.
Some chocolat bars, all sound yummy. A cherry lipglos. And great tasting tea.
And at least a knit.1 magazine, who I ask her if she could sent it to me. Again Nan, thank you much for all the great things, you made my day.

21 Oktober 2006

Make louder

And this is the second song I could hear for the whole day. Great song.

Turn the speakers on

This is such a great cover of the original from Seal. I love this song.

19 Oktober 2006

Hot sock swap

Yesterday I sent out my Hot sock swap. I hope that he will reach his destination very fast. And that my pal will like what I sent to her.

New socks

So here are the socks I promised at the weekend. The first one is for my husband and made of Opal yarn in size 44.

The next one is for me in size 40 and also made of Opal yarn. The pattern is from a book my Wollfee gave me as present.

And the last one is also for me in size 40 and made with Fortissima Colori Socka Disco Color. Unluckily you cannot see the glittering good at the photo.

Time is flying that fast at the moment. Cannot believe that more than one week is gone since my father-in-law past away. There is so much things to plan on. Yesterday we looked for the urn and tomorrow we will looking for the flowers for the ceremony. I will be happy when the funeral is over next week. I don't like to go to funerals.

It is getting cool here for the temperatures. Its really autumn. I like the autumn much, with all the different colors on it.

13 Oktober 2006


to my Secret Pal, I got your email yesterday. Thank you for the nice words. I will answer your mail at the next days. I believe that we will have a nice time together. The e-card you sent is soooo cute.

The funeral of my f-i-l will be in a fortnight. Such a long time to go. I would be much happier if she would be earlier, but our reverend will be in vacation next week. The kids here have two weeks off from school from today. And when the referend will be back, there are first some other funerals. There is so much to do before this. Isn't the work that you do with fun.

Tomorrow I will post some new sock pictures.

09 Oktober 2006

This candle

burns here for my father-in-law, who died this morning at the age of 75, after a short, hard illness. I will miss him much.

04 Oktober 2006

Our weekend

As we had a holiday yesterday here in Germany we had a long weekend. Frank had a day off from work on Monday.
Saturday we went first do Bonn and go to the outlet store from H*ribo. You can get the gums there cheaper and the selection is very big. After that we went to Maastricht in the Netherlands. Its a beautiful city. We spent a few hours there and had a lot of fun, as the weather also was very nice at this day.
Sunday we had to buy a new coffeepad machine, as our old one was broken some weeks ago. At Sunday the shops in our region where open and we saw a very good offer at the newspaper for a Sen*eo coffeepad machine. So we went to the shop and bought her. After that we went to my father-in-law, who is lying in the hospital since three weeks now. He has lunge cancer. And the doctors told him, when he get the diagnostic at the middle of August, that he had only a short time to live. And what should I say, this was a mistake. The cancer isn't that bad how they told him, and there is still a way to help him.
At Monday we went to the swedish furniturehouse (I*EA) and had a wonderful breakfast, after we found a place in the restaurant. It is always hard to find a place there at the morning, specially if many people have a day off from work. And also the kids have off from school. Like every visit at the store I bought some new stuff.
And yesterday we had a lazy day at the couch. I finished one sock as I heard a audiobook and Frank watched some DVD. It had rained the whole day yesterday.
I had looked for a good picture from Maastricht, but what should I say, we haven't one.

03 Oktober 2006

Secret Pal 9 Questionary

Dear Pal,

the questionary you can find here
Hope that we will have a nice time together and much

29 September 2006

Dear Hubby

thank you for the nice 11 years we are married today. Cannot believe that
this is so long since we say "Yes, I will".

Secret Pal 9

Yesterday, after a long discussion with me, I joined Secret Pal 9. I
think that this will be a great adventure. Now I cannot wait until I
get my partner :-) Hope that this will be three greatful months.

27 September 2006

Socks for hubby

This socks I made for my hubby. They are in size 44. The
yarn I used was Regia Splendid Colours. At the second
picture you can see the colours better.