29 September 2006

Dear Hubby

thank you for the nice 11 years we are married today. Cannot believe that
this is so long since we say "Yes, I will".

Secret Pal 9

Yesterday, after a long discussion with me, I joined Secret Pal 9. I
think that this will be a great adventure. Now I cannot wait until I
get my partner :-) Hope that this will be three greatful months.

27 September 2006

Socks for hubby

This socks I made for my hubby. They are in size 44. The
yarn I used was Regia Splendid Colours. At the second
picture you can see the colours better.


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This socks are made first for me, but unluckily, they
don't fit. They are too small at the leg for me.I made
the Jaywalker pattern too small for me. So the socks
will come into my gift bag. Some day there will be
some one who will get the socks.

26 September 2006

My TV died

A few minutes before, I want to make a little knitting rest on the couch and watching TV. So I made the TV on, but nothing. All other stuff went on, but not the TV. Grrrh, who one had killed my TV? I hope that this is something you can be fixed, but at the other side, it is a older TV, so a new one would be nice too. :-) I will wait until my husband come home and we will see what to do. Luckily we have also a TV at the kitchen and so I can watch there, but it is not so much comfort like at the couch.

Some socks

This socks I made some time ago. There are for me in size 40. The yarn is Opal Cotton, the pattern is from a German Knitter Magazin.

My first entry

After I have decided to be participant of some international swaps,
I have think that it would be good to have a blog in english. So my
partners can learn something about me. Sure, my english isn't the
best, but better than nothing :-)