28 Dezember 2006


Our Christmas was very nice. At Christmas Eve my mother and my brother with his family came here. First we ate something and sit together and talked a little bit. Than the gifts we changed the gifts. I got some wonderful ones.

At the 25t
h we went to my brother for lunch. After that we went to Fiona. There I rid for the first time since many years. It was very funny and nice. And it was cold at this day, so the coffee was very good when we came home.

And at the 26th my family came here again. I made a simply meal, only pasta with vegetables, but it was yummy. Than we made a little walk with my mother and my nephew.
My mother told me at this day, that she maybe (for me it sounds more like she want for sure) will move to my other brother Thomas. He lives about 100 km from here. I'm sure, that isn't that far, but we all have no contact to Thomas. We doesn't talk to each other and so on. It is a longer story why this is so. And now my mother will move there, I cannot understand this. Sure, she has contact to him and his wife, but why she must go there? We also looking often after her. And she isn't that old that she cannot live alone longer, she will be 71 in March. And for say, Knut lives at the same apartment house than she do. I hope that she won't go there, but I believe she will do it. The last night I slept very bad, I always think about the whole thing. I believe she is old enough to do what she want. Sorry for the long story here.

Than I'm a UHU since yesterday. You will ask now, what the hell is a UHU? For me that means, that I'm weight under hundred kilo. So I lost about 18 kilos over the last 8 months. You cannot believe how happy I am.
Here comes a picture of our Christmas tree. The first picture shows you our cats had been looking when we bring the tree into the living room. And than a picture from the Christmas eve.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm glad you had a happy Christams, but sad that you are having some family issues. It always hard to understand why the people we love choose to certain things.

Also, congratulations on the weight loss. I was working on my weight as well until I had some recent health problems. I'm hoping to get back on track soon!

Take care. I'll be thinking of you!

Your secret pal