31 Dezember 2008

Happy New Year

I'm back from three wonderful days in Berlin. It was cold and my feeds are burning :-) We had wonderful weather, so we do some nice things. I will post some pictures the next days. My hand is better now.

Now I wish you all a happy and wonderful New Year. That all your wishes comes true.

23 Dezember 2008

Merry Christmas

As I believe that I wouldn't have time tomorrow to post, I'll do it today. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope you all have nice and peaceful holidays.

I cannot knit at the moment, because on Sunday I would make the dessert and make a big cut in my left hand. I went to the hospital and they made three stitches :-( What a pain when the doctor set the anesthesia. So now all things getting a little bit slower, as I can only use my right hand.

16 Dezember 2008

New Color

Today I went to the coiffeur as I want to cut my hair. When I sit in the chair, I decided that a new color would be good for the hair. And here are the result


Not the best picture, but with this grey weather and take a picture alone, a better one wasn't possible.

04 Dezember 2008

Snow and no snow

Yesterday we got a little bit of snow, but today all is away and only rain is falling. I would like more snow, not this dark and rainy weather.



First secret pal 13 package

Today I got a wonderful package from my secret pal. Here are all the great stuff that I got.

The sock yarn looks funny, never seen that before. Thank you soooo much for all the nice stuff.

21 November 2008

New socks

This are the socks of the last week. This is for me and as ever, in size 40, the wool is from Drachenwolle.

I love the orange in this wool

And this pair is for my husband in size 44, the wool is from Tausendschön.


15 November 2008

Swaps arrived

Today was a great Swap day, as I got two packages full of wonderful stuff. The first one was from the Amazing Lace Swap from Ravelry. I got a great package from Singapore, with all this nice stuff you seen on the picture. The wool has all the colours I like on it.


And the second one was also from Ravelry, from the Coffee and Chocolate swap. Both things that I love that much. Here is the photo with the great stuff. The wool looks great and the chocolate sounds yummy. Also all the other stuff is great. The mug looks so nice and the angel is sooo cute.


13 November 2008

New pair of socks

This are my latest socks, they are for me. The wool is from Drachenwolle and the pattern is the Diamente pattern from Knitty.


Secret Pal 13

I got my pal some hours ago and write to her soon. I had a look at her blog and it seems that we will have much fun at this round. I love this kind of swap. My Secret Pal 12 partner was Karin from Germany and I hope that I was a good partner for her. It was fun to send her the packages.

20 Oktober 2008

My latest socks

Here are the socks of the last weeks. They are all for me and in size 40.

This is knit with Socks that rock in plan right

This is made with Opal sock yarn and a pattern from here.

The wool is from Tausendschön and the pattern is from Little box of socks.

The wool is Drachenwolle and the pattern is the Slippery Socks from Knitty

14 Oktober 2008

Still alive

Cannot believe that time is flying that fast and I haven't post for such a long time. We have now late at night and I should sleep, but we just returned from a wonderful concert and I cannot sleep now. We have seen the great German group Ich + Ich and Frankfurt. It was a very great concert and I want to see it again. Maybe we will make a trip to Berlin and the end of December and see them again.
What happened at the last weeks? The greatest mirage was that our cat returned. It was two weeks ago, when she stand behind my husband at one morning. He thought he don't see right, but she was it. So she returned after 10 weeks of been away. We hadn't believed that she will return. We more thought that she was dead, with her illness and all what going one. For the first days, she only slept and ate much. She lost some weight, but now she is at a good way and make it better from day to day. You all can believe that I was the happiest person in the world at this day.
At the end of September we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We went to Stuttgart at this day and visited the Wilhelma zoo. Was a nice day, with good weather. The other days at this week had much of rain. My husband had one week off from work I must say, and so the bad weather wasn't that nice.
I'm still knitting around. I will post some pictures of my socks later. Here are the newest photo of our cat Tiffy. She was very dirty when she came home.


02 September 2008

Question of the Week #12

I’m sure most of us have a proudest moment when it comes to knitting. A project or technique that you’ve tackled and completed beautifully. What is your proudest knitting moment??

I was very proud about me when I finished my Josephine top. It was a hard work for me, even the shirt was easy to knit. I don't knit such large things like shirts much often. I'm more the sock knitter or a shawl or scarf knitter.

And on the flip side? What is the one thing that you can’t get right? What is that one project that you’ve never been able to complete? Or that you did complete but then hid away instantly because it was too embarrassing?

There is a pullover for my husband, who never get ready. I believe you wouldn't like it anymore. So I never will find a end of it.

01 September 2008

Question of the Week #11

What is the best thing you've ever received in the mail/post?

Mmmmh, this is a good question. Mostly the yarn I receive in my mail is the best thing. The last thing was STR who I ordered at least. Than the packages of my pals are the best things in mail. Oh I believe there is so much things who are the best things.

20 August 2008


It seems that there is space in every little cardboard box. I found our Topolino yesterday evening in this little one.


14 August 2008

Still missing

Since 5 weeks we are now missing our cat Tiffy. I believe that we wouldn't found her. As I wrote before, she was ill. So I believe more that she died. We bring on flyers with her photo and all important things on trees and so on. We got two phone calls, but that wasn't our Tiffy. It was a other black-white cat. This is the last photo of her.


My secret pal package

Times is flying that fast. There had been two weeks since my last post. Cannot believe it. Here is a photo of my first Secret Pal package. As I wrote before, I got wonderful things from my pal.


Question of the Week #9

Have you ever entered your knitting (or anything else) in the fair? Would you ever consider it?

I have never entered my knitting on a fair. We haven't much of them here in my town. Only two ones, one in summer and than at the Christmas market.

Question of the Week #8

What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening?

When it is hot, I love salad, salad and salad. In many variations. Or a BBQ.

29 Juli 2008

Question of the Week #7

What is(are) your favorite place(s) to knit?
I mostly knit on my couch in the living room. There I have a good lamp and enough light to knit. And I like to knit at my terrasse, but not if it is so hot like today. Then I love more to stay inside.

What supplies (besides yarn & needles) make the setting perfect for knitting?
Good light, something to drink and often the television :-) or my mp3 player

Question of the Week #6

Questions #6
What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

Mostly I only took socks with me. At this vacation I only knit one pair. When we went away in winter, I knit more. In the summer it is too hot for knitting. I prefer most to read a good book at vacation.

Question of the Week #5

1) Where is your favorite place to go for vacation/holiday?
2) Where is one place you’d like to go?

1) My favorite place is Italy. I love this country. I have stayed there for soooo many times. And as you read before, we had a wonderful vacation there this summer.

2) I would like to go to the scandinavian countries. A friend of mine made a trip with a boat at the norwegian coast this year and found it great.

17 Juli 2008

Back from vacation

We are back from our wonderful vacation in Italy. We stayed there for two weeks, in San Lorenzo al Mare. It is a small town in the near of Imperia or San Remo, close to the French border. We had wonderful weather and much fun. We visited Monaco, Ezé, a zoo in the near of Nice and some other nice places. And we stayed many times at the sea. Here are some pictures from our trip.

When I came home, I found a envie from my Secret Pal. In them was a wonderful little bag, a alpaca yarn, some needles and a beautiful pattern. I will make a picture tomorrow and show it. It was a wonderful package. Thank you much. The pattern looks very nice and the yarn is so soft.

21 Juni 2008

Socks Nr. 18 + 19

Here are the socks that I had knit at the last week. The first one is for my husband, in size 44, knitted with a Opal wool from the last Abo.


And the next one are for me, in size 40, also with a Opal wool. The pattern I have found at Ravelry and it was very easy to knit, it called Socks of kidness .


Secret Pal 12 ~ Question of the Week #2

As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

As we always went to a campingplace in Italy, I looked forward to met my friends there. We stayed
there every year for six weeks and so I had some close friends there. They are from all nations.
Sure, they changed also from summer to summer, but some of them also came every year, like me.
For me the six weeks in Italy had been always great. This is also the reason why I love to Italy
also today.

13 Juni 2008

Secret Pal 12 ~ Question of the week

I found the idea very good to have a question of the week, so you must post in your blog. Here is the first question:

Whats your favorite summer time drink? Or winter drink? ( for those of you in he southern hemisphere)

I must say, I mostly drink water. Sometimes Ice-tea, or cola/lime with beer. So my answer isn't the longest one.


Here are the photos of our concert visiting and the zoo. We have a new camera now, hope that this one will be fit for the next years :-)
This the ones from the concert.

And this the ones from the zoo.

09 Juni 2008


We had a nice weekend. At Friday we went to a concert from Herbert Grönemeyer in Mönchengladbach. It was a very great concert and I enjoyed much. We sleeped in a Hotel not too far away from Mönchengladbach. At Saturday we went first to the Netherlands to buy some coffee and than to Duisburg. There we went to the zoo. It is a nice zoo and we had much fun.
I would like to show some pics of this two days, but our camera wouldn't go on since yesterday. As it is a new one, I will send her back today. We has have the camera since one week. Yesterday evening she went out and never on again. The accu is full, but nothing. So I can show pics when I get the new one at the next days. My cardreader cannot read the new card I have bought for the camera.

Yesterday evening we looked the EM game Germany-Poland. Great that our boys won the game. I only watch football at EM or WM.

Now I'm waiting for the phone call of the vet clinic. I hope that she has good news, but I don't believe it.

02 Juni 2008

Needing crossed fingers

Today I was with our oldest cat Tiffy at the vet clinic. Our normally vet couldn't do anything more, he hadn't the special diagnostic stuff at his practice. So I went to the clinic at the morning, needing an hour to come there. Normally you need a half hour, but with the rush-hour traffic you need more.
The vet made a x-ray of the lung and than a endoscopy. They found something at the tongue and at the larynx. The took a sample of the tissue and we will get the result next Monday. She said it looks like it is malignant, because it is so much. You cannot believe how I feel. When I drive home, I had cried. At the moment she is sleeping, as a reason of the narcotic. Beside the harder breathing, she is looking good. She is eating good and don't look ill.
I try my best to see positiv, but at the moment the negativ thoughs are more.

Here is a photo of her. She is such a sweet cat.


28 Mai 2008

At this heat.....

..... sleeping seems that only right thing. I made this photo of my nephew today right before I went to the staples. Oskar also like this position much and slept there also. When my husband came home, a little bit more than a hour later, both had been in the same position as I went away.


Goodbye Gonzales

At Sunday our last Gerbil Gonzales are passed away. He was 4 years old. I'm so sorry about his death. He was a very cute Gerbil and I miss him much.


24 Mai 2008

Secret Pal 12

Sign up for Secret Pal 12 are open now. I have sign up and also payed the fee already. Cannot wait to get my partner soon. It was always a great fun to be a participant of the Secret Pal swaps. For every one who will be a part of it, get hurry to come in. This time there will be a limit for 300 peoples to be a part of it.

My Week

This week, my husband had off from work. At Monday we celebrated my 38. birthday. Cannot believe that time is flying that fast and I'm a year older again. We don't to something special on this day. Only went out for dinner in Frankfurt. The other days we spent at home mostly. Only went to some shopping. Thursday was a holiday here. And yesterday we went to the zoo in Cologne. It was very nice weather and the zoo wasn't that full. I love to go to the zoo much. Here are some photos from there.

16 Mai 2008

New Socks

Here are some new socks. The first pair are sneakers for my husband. The wool is Regia Cotton Galaxy Color. Looks very good and was great to knit.


The next one are for me. The wool is Drachenwolle and the color is very great. I like this wool very much. The pattern is Shadow Rib Sock from here. There are many great patterns in this box.



15 Mai 2008

Cool Cat

Here is a photo of our cat Topolino. She like the place very much and often she lies there like that.


And Oskar is sitting at the same scratching post and it looks a little bit like he found this all upc...., but he was only yawning.


09 Mai 2008

Lace Ribbon Scarf

I made this scarf for a swap. The wool I used was Noro Sock Yarn. I wouldn't use it for knitting socks, but for the scarf it was nice. After a washing the wool was softy. I hope my pal will like the scarf. The pattern is from here



Long time

since my last post. The time is flying that fast. Here are the photos of my last socks. They are mostly for my husband and me.

Nutkin socks for me

Susanna Socks for me

Sweat Pea Socks for a swap

for me

for my husband

Lace Rib socks for me

Sneakers for my husband

18 März 2008


Cannot believe that we will have Easter at this weekend. The time is flying that fast. Sure, Easter is early this year. The weather should be more like Christmas. They say it should snowing. We will see. We will spend the Easter Sunday and Monday with my brother. My mother doesn't said anything if she will coming here. And I don't ask her. Its a longer story.
It seems that I got teeth pain again. Grrrh, I don't want to loose this teeth, but this will be the thing the dentist will make. Did they told me the last time. So I ignore the pain.

As the old blog is closed now, I have forgot to save the post I had wrote there. This is sad, but I cannot change it.

Opal Abo March 2008

Here is a photo from my Opal wool abo. The colours are mostly good for my hubby :-) I found them nice and one of them are now on my needles. Here are they are:


The right one at the second line, this is the one on my needles. Here is a photo of it.


23 Februar 2008

Back again

Since I only had won the other blog for free for one year, I'm back again. I don't want to pay for the other blog, so I moved again. I try to get the last post into this blog at the next days. And I promise to post more in the next time.