08 November 2006

Much time...

went on since my last post. There was so much happen here at the last week, not funny. Inherit isn't a nice thing. There are so many things to do. Is had been much better if my f-i-l had made a testament, but no, my s-i-l said this wouldn't be good, as he had nothing to do with all the stuff. The house was my m-i-l and when she died, all ground and houses went to the childs, means my husband and my s-i-l. Hope this wasn't not too confused. But my f-i-l also get a part of the house and grounds, and no it get complication. I hope that this all will be over soon, as I won't have any fight in the family. This is my fear.
The funeral was, if we can say this, very nice. The pastor hold a very nice homily. After the funeral we went to the community centre and ate cake and drunk caffee.
Last week, Frank had three days off from work. So we had been away for nearly every day. At Wednesday we made our garden ready for winter. There was a lot of work, but now the winter can come. It is colder here now.
Than we used the time to bought a new desktop for our computer. He will come at the end of the year. What isn't that far away. :-)
And I bought the train tickets for our winter vacation in January. We will go to the Allgäu at January, 6. This is also Franks birthday, don't know what I give him.
So now I believe all is up to date.
I will now post photos of my cats from time to time. Here is the first one, this is Topolino a very sweet and small cat.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

What a cute kitty!

I hope all the settlement issues are resolved simply and soon. It's horrible when things like this cause fights in families.

I hope you get my package soon. I have no idea how long it takes for stuff to travel from the USA to Germany. I just hope you like it!

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