19 Oktober 2006

New socks

So here are the socks I promised at the weekend. The first one is for my husband and made of Opal yarn in size 44.

The next one is for me in size 40 and also made of Opal yarn. The pattern is from a book my Wollfee gave me as present.

And the last one is also for me in size 40 and made with Fortissima Colori Socka Disco Color. Unluckily you cannot see the glittering good at the photo.

Time is flying that fast at the moment. Cannot believe that more than one week is gone since my father-in-law past away. There is so much things to plan on. Yesterday we looked for the urn and tomorrow we will looking for the flowers for the ceremony. I will be happy when the funeral is over next week. I don't like to go to funerals.

It is getting cool here for the temperatures. Its really autumn. I like the autumn much, with all the different colors on it.

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