21 November 2008

New socks

This are the socks of the last week. This is for me and as ever, in size 40, the wool is from Drachenwolle.

I love the orange in this wool

And this pair is for my husband in size 44, the wool is from Tausendschön.


15 November 2008

Swaps arrived

Today was a great Swap day, as I got two packages full of wonderful stuff. The first one was from the Amazing Lace Swap from Ravelry. I got a great package from Singapore, with all this nice stuff you seen on the picture. The wool has all the colours I like on it.


And the second one was also from Ravelry, from the Coffee and Chocolate swap. Both things that I love that much. Here is the photo with the great stuff. The wool looks great and the chocolate sounds yummy. Also all the other stuff is great. The mug looks so nice and the angel is sooo cute.


13 November 2008

New pair of socks

This are my latest socks, they are for me. The wool is from Drachenwolle and the pattern is the Diamente pattern from Knitty.


Secret Pal 13

I got my pal some hours ago and write to her soon. I had a look at her blog and it seems that we will have much fun at this round. I love this kind of swap. My Secret Pal 12 partner was Karin from Germany and I hope that I was a good partner for her. It was fun to send her the packages.