04 Dezember 2006

Christmas time

The weekend we have spent to made all things ready for the holidays. So we made our Advent wreath, put the lights one and decorate the rooms. At Friday we went to a Christmas market in Alzenau, its a smaller town in our near. The Christmas market was very nice and not too much people there at this evening. You shouldn't go there at Sunday, it is too much.
At Saturday we made our Advent wreath and also the one for my mother. Than we went to the garden and put some lights on the trees and some lighting figures at the ground.
And yesterday we made the lights into the windows and decorate the rooms. Was a lot of work, but I love this time of the year.
Only the weather could be more like winter, it is really warm here and we have only rain today. Later I must go and bring my brothers horse into the staples. If it is stop raining at this time, I will make some photos of her.
Here are now some photos of the things we done at the weekend. First our Advent wreath.

Than the one for my motherThis we made for us. We also made some like that for the graves we have to look for.
This I decorate the last week. And also this with the lights on it.
And at last the Advent calender for my husband.


Dipsy D. hat gesagt…

Hallo Nicole! Ich bin gerade erst über Deine beiden Blogs gestolpert, und obwohl ich lieber englisch lese, kommentiere ich lieber auf deutsch ;)
Ich bin ganz begeistert von allem, was Du machst und werde sicher noch oft hier auftauchen! Und Deine Adventsdekorationen sind auch so wunderschön, ich bin ganz beschämt gewesen, wie ich all das gesehen habe. Irgendwie habe ich die Zeit völlig übersehen und unsere Wohnung noch gar nicht geschmückt - *schäm* Du hast mich auf jeden Fall inspiriert, dass ich das jetzt angehe - vielen Dank dafür, und ich wünsch Dir eine wunderschöne Adventszeit!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow! How beautiful everything is! We're not really decorating for the season this year for a number of reasons, so it is nice to see other people really doing it up!

I'm working on your next package. I'm hoping to have it out to you before Christmas!

Your Secret Pal

Polly hat gesagt…

I love looking at Christmas decorations. I just learned this year that you guys have Christmas festivals. We dont have those (at least not on the west coast)