04 Oktober 2006

Our weekend

As we had a holiday yesterday here in Germany we had a long weekend. Frank had a day off from work on Monday.
Saturday we went first do Bonn and go to the outlet store from H*ribo. You can get the gums there cheaper and the selection is very big. After that we went to Maastricht in the Netherlands. Its a beautiful city. We spent a few hours there and had a lot of fun, as the weather also was very nice at this day.
Sunday we had to buy a new coffeepad machine, as our old one was broken some weeks ago. At Sunday the shops in our region where open and we saw a very good offer at the newspaper for a Sen*eo coffeepad machine. So we went to the shop and bought her. After that we went to my father-in-law, who is lying in the hospital since three weeks now. He has lunge cancer. And the doctors told him, when he get the diagnostic at the middle of August, that he had only a short time to live. And what should I say, this was a mistake. The cancer isn't that bad how they told him, and there is still a way to help him.
At Monday we went to the swedish furniturehouse (I*EA) and had a wonderful breakfast, after we found a place in the restaurant. It is always hard to find a place there at the morning, specially if many people have a day off from work. And also the kids have off from school. Like every visit at the store I bought some new stuff.
And yesterday we had a lazy day at the couch. I finished one sock as I heard a audiobook and Frank watched some DVD. It had rained the whole day yesterday.
I had looked for a good picture from Maastricht, but what should I say, we haven't one.

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