14 Oktober 2008

Still alive

Cannot believe that time is flying that fast and I haven't post for such a long time. We have now late at night and I should sleep, but we just returned from a wonderful concert and I cannot sleep now. We have seen the great German group Ich + Ich and Frankfurt. It was a very great concert and I want to see it again. Maybe we will make a trip to Berlin and the end of December and see them again.
What happened at the last weeks? The greatest mirage was that our cat returned. It was two weeks ago, when she stand behind my husband at one morning. He thought he don't see right, but she was it. So she returned after 10 weeks of been away. We hadn't believed that she will return. We more thought that she was dead, with her illness and all what going one. For the first days, she only slept and ate much. She lost some weight, but now she is at a good way and make it better from day to day. You all can believe that I was the happiest person in the world at this day.
At the end of September we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We went to Stuttgart at this day and visited the Wilhelma zoo. Was a nice day, with good weather. The other days at this week had much of rain. My husband had one week off from work I must say, and so the bad weather wasn't that nice.
I'm still knitting around. I will post some pictures of my socks later. Here are the newest photo of our cat Tiffy. She was very dirty when she came home.


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