03 Januar 2007

Last sock of last year,first sock of new year

Here is my last sock of the last year and the first one of the new one. I made the Monkey pattern from knitty.com. It was easy to knit and went on very fast. The yarn is from Opal. The socks are for me.

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And than finished I another pair of socks at the last year, it is also yarn from Opal And the socks are also for me.

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So I had made 58 1/2 socks at the last year. Whow, this is very much.


Dipsy D. hat gesagt…

These socks are absolutely gorgeous - I really love the colourways, and especially the Monkey pattern rocks big time! You sure inspired me to make these soon too! Great work!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Holy cow! That's a lot of socks. And my husband is so proud that he finished one pair last year! Good job... what beautiful socks!

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